Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Sellers: Considering a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Let’s be honest; the real estate market fluctuates. But no matter what, this will never make a difference when a buyer is ready to purchase a property that is in good condition.  A Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection will make sure there are no hidden surprises and will catch any existing problem before your potential buyer does. You can also provide the report to potential homebuyers to create transparency and trust.  If you think you’re ready to list, let Quasar give you the assurance you need to prepare your property for top asking price. 

Benefits of Getting a Pre-Listing Inspection

  •  Stress Relief – It protects all parties involved by providing transparent information about the property so that educated choices are made.
  • Saves Time – It helps sellers focus on what areas of the home need improving in order to increase appeal and value.
  • Accurate Pricing – If both seller and agent are aware of the state of the home, they can factor in repair costs.
  • Seller Credibility – It makes the seller seem more trustworthy and authentic about the property.
  • Accelerated Sales Process – Buyers will feel a lot more comfortable making an offer on a property that has been inspected.


 Usually, the point of selling property is to make a profit. Having a Quasar professional perform an inspection allows you to get the property market-ready in no time. Pre-listing inspections can reduce the possibility of a deal falling through down the road. There’s nothing worse than finding out that the defects found in the property by potential buyers will either get you low offers, or no offers at all.

During a pre-listing inspection, your inspector will:

  • Carefully examine the structure
  • Look closely for defects in the property
  • Note any deferred maintenance
  • Assess the longevity of major appliances and systems
  • Evaluate the water heater and A/C unit(s)

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