Residential Energy Audit

A home energy audit allows homeowners to know their consumption and energy flow. You can get the big picture of how your energy is being used. This type of information is beneficial because it determines specific areas of energy loss in your property, and it also helps to identify where the power usage may be tamed to earn savings.

You will notice the benefits of an energy audit not only by how much you are saving, but also by an increase in your comfortability level, home’s marketability, and home value. You can feel good about having an energy audit because it helps the environment!
We all love a Green Home!


What's the difference between doing your own assessment and using an energy efficiency inspector?

There are different types of energy audits. Performing your own energy audit is not unheard of; you can find tools online that will help you. This typically involves a DIY assessment and regularly checking your utility bills for dips and peaks in energy usage. Although completing your own audit is possible, it is not as thorough as a professional audit.

Professional energy audits involve comprehensive surveys that go into great detail in order to assess your home’s energy use. Specialized testing equipment and various techniques are used in these types of audits. Blower doors are utilized to detect leaks, and other instruments like infrared cameras determine fluctuating temperatures throughout the property.