Lawn Sprinkler Inspection Services

Having a lawn sprinkler system can help you keep your garden green and vibrant all the time, while also helping you save time. However, they can only do so if they’re functioning properly. A damaged sprinkler system can lead to many issues including mold growth, structural damage, and damaged landscape. Sprinkler systems are complex and can be damaged relatively easily. Inspecting the various components requires extensive knowledge on valves, sensors, and switches. If you want to ensure the systems run smoothly, a close and careful inspection will be required.

So, before you turn on your lawn sprinkler system, call Quasar for our reliable lawn sprinkler inspection service. We will check for leaks and ensure that your sprinklers are working properly and aren’t damaged.


What the Inspection Covers

  • Broken, missing or clogged sprinkler heads
  • Inappropriate sprinkler head locations
  • High or low water pressure
  • Over-spray, damaged, old or broken pipes
  • Mapping and layouts, sensors, backflow

Importance of Periodic Lawn Sprinkler System Inspections

If you have a lawn sprinkler system on your property, it is important to conduct an annual inspection to check if there are any underlying issues with the system. Identifying the issues with your system early on will reduce water wastage, save you money, and help you keep your property looking as beautiful as ever.

Sprinkler systems can last up to 20 years if they’re maintained properly. Rely on Quasar to inspect your lawn sprinkler system. We have vast knowledge on different components in these systems. We will check all components of the sprinkler system including valves, pipes, connections, and sprinkler heads to identify if there are any issues. Along with saving water, you can save by avoiding having your entire sprinkler system replaced.

We Will Make Sure Your Sprinklers Are Working Properly

Do you want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood? A well-maintained and performing sprinkler system can help you in keeping your landscape lush, green, vibrant and healthy. It can save your property from water damage, protect your garden from drying out, and also enhance the appeal of your home. Call us if you need a professional lawn sprinkler inspection.

We are industry experts with vast knowledge, experience and skills.  We are familiar with most of the brands on the market and how to repair them. We can come to your property to evaluate whether the system is working properly or not and will also provide you with an estimate of the repairs, should any issues be identified. Once we complete the inspection, we will provide you with a thorough report. The detailed report will inform you of the components that aren’t working properly and will also include recommendations for repair.

We are reliable and have many years of experience in the industry. Our services are affordable as well!

We strive to provide you with the best lawn sprinkler inspection services and will not charge you more than what we discussed. Call us to learn how you can save while also protecting your lawn sprinkler system against unexpected breakdowns. We will be at your property in a timely manner to carry out the inspection and provide you with a detailed report, including helpful suggestions.


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