Thermal Imaging


Infrared Imaging

Infrared imaging is a technology that shows you elements of your home or commercial building that you can’t see with the naked eye. This technology records surface temperatures using an infrared thermal imaging camera. These cameras use heat instead of light. An infrared camera can detect heat loss, damaged heating systems, air conditioner leaks, structural defects, and broken window-panel seals. They can also detect even the smallest differences in heat between objects (sometimes as small as 1/10th of a degree!). IR cameras (or sensors) translate temperature variances into an image that is easy to understand. A thermal imaging camera allows you to see a picture of an entire room and the temperature changes between objects. 

Infrared Image Testing

In construction, infrared imaging is used to detect heat leaks and faulty thermal insulation. These defects can compromise the efficiency of both cooling and heating systems. Although it seems as if IR cameras can see through walls, the reality is that they simply record the temperature of the wall and the insulation inside.

In construction this is crucial to fully understanding what is inside the walls. It is also important for detecting moisture intrusion such as plumbing or roof leaks and mechanical failures. 

What are the Benefits of Thermal Imaging


Using infrared technology is important in construction as a way to diagnose any issues that are visibly undetectable. With an IR inspection, you can determine the amount of work needed before purchasing a property. In addition, pro-active routine IR inspections can be used as a cost-saving preventative measure for property owners.

IR inspections can save property owners thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. By discovering potential problems ahead of time, you can prevent these issues from becoming visible to tenants or guests. Finding the presence of leaking pipes during an IR inspection, for example, can avoid the cost of fixing the inevitable bowing of ceilings and cracks within a structure if this is not quickly addressed. 


Damaged HVAC systems, mechanical issues, and faulty electricity are hazardous and could cause severe damage or possible bodily harm. Old motors, compressors, or pumps can turn into expensive repairs for a property owner. By using IR inspections as a preventative measure, property owners are able to determine issues, prolong the longevity of their structure, and avoid potentially dangerous situations. 


Heating, cooling and other utility costs are leaving everyday folks short of cash every month, which is why homeowners and building managers are always looking for ways to help lower expenses. Oftentimes, reductions can be made in the heating or cooling bills and building maintenance costs. Having us perform the infrared inspection for your home, apartment, or a business is a very efficient method to quickly lower expenditures. Our inspection report will show you where heat loss is occurring around windows, doors, roofs, and attics. By catching costly repairs before they reach an apex while also identifying areas that can be improved upon before they become in need of repair, our infrared inspection services can effectively reduce your energy costs in both the short-term and the long-term.


A leaking roof can be quite an inconvenience to most property owners. It can be caused by various weather conditions and can be difficult to diagnose. When left un-diagnosed, it can damage the structural integrity of the building and result in expensive repairs down the line. Therefore, searching for the source of this leakage is essential, but anyone who has ever attempted to track down the point of entry and the extent of the leakage can attest to its difficulty. With our reliable infrared leak detection, on the other hand, we can quickly pinpoint hidden dripping water on the ceiling, behind walls, and in the underlying infrastructure that is impossible to see with the naked eye. 


Water issues that are left untreated for a long period of time can seriously damage a home’s foundation and cause eroding. Long periods of water penetration can erode a foundation over time, which is why it is essential to have any water penetration issues, even if they are minor, resolved as soon as possible. With our infrared water penetration detection system, we’ll be able to detect any serious water damage in a timely manner so that it can be resolved and will no longer pose a threat. Water is always in the ground, so it is extremely important to be vigilant about potential water penetration issues.


Electric equipment can show signs of wear and depreciate over a period of time, thus leading to malfunctioning and poor connections as well as short circuits in some areas. This can result in catastrophic accidents, defective products, downtime for the operations and unwarranted expenses. Being able to identify these problems with a naked eye can be very challenging, and as follows, the need arises for a thermal imaging inspection. In addition to preventing potential disruptions, our inspections can also result in a longer life span of the system which again comes as a great saving. 


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